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The Da’am Workers Party (DWP) here sets forth a program for revolutionary change in Israeli society, based on the principles of integration, equality, and social justice

“Anyone but Bibi” Strengthens the Israeli Right Wing

The impossibility of a stable coalition comes from current political forces’ inability to decide on two central questions: the fate of the occupied territories and the place of Arab citizens in this country. Continue reading

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Der Krieg gegen Gaza und das Scheitern der arabischen Regime (German)

Ohne einen Blick auf die Ereignisse in der arabischen Welt kann man den Gaza-Krieg nicht verstehen. Erstmals haben sich zwei deutliche Lager gebildet: eins um Ägypten und Saudi Arabien, ein anderes um Katar und die Türkei. In der Vergangenheit hatte die Hamas sich auf einen Block von Abweichlern – den Iran, Syrien und die Hisbollah im Libanon – verlassen können. Aber mit dem Arabischen Frühling sind die Karten neu gemischt, die Wirklichkeit ist eine andere. Continue reading

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The war on Gaza and the collapse of the Arab regimes

The war on Gaza cannot be understood without looking at events in the Arab world. For the first time, two clear axes have developed: one including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the other including Qatar and Turkey. In the past, Hamas relied on the dissident bloc represented by Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah in Lebanon, but the Arab Spring reshuffled the deck and created a new reality. The old regimes collapsed, states became arenas of civil war and crumbled, and new axes arose in which the Gulf States play a central role. The Arab Spring caused a split between Saudi Arabia and Qatar within the Gulf Cooperation Council. This is a fundamental disagreement over how to address the Arab Spring, and all attempts to bridge their differences have failed. Saudi Arabia was adamantly opposed to the uprising of January 25 which brought down Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, but Qatar supported the Muslim Brotherhood which took over the regime in democratic elections. The disagreement is over the best way to douse the fires of revolution among the Arab peoples who are demanding democracy, bread and freedom.
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Tension between approaches and the failure of Israeli-Palestinian talks

The global political arena is undergoing dangerous and dramatic changes. The conflict in the Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to annex the Crimea further inflames tensions between the US and Russia, and is undoubtedly a surprising development in the relations between the two superpowers following a long period of cooperation in solving crises around the world, especially concerning the Iranian nuclear issue and chemical weapons in Syria. The former cooperation between the Obama administration and the Kremlin appeared to reflect a new framework for a new pattern of international relations. This followed the temporary agreement with Iran, which also isolated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Continue reading

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The Israeli attacks on Syria serve Assad’s criminal regime

Daam Workers Party condemns the Israeli bombings of targets in Syria, especially in the heart of Damascus. This is blatant interference in the process that is underway in Syria, and it harms the revolution of the Syrian people: the struggle to topple the Assad regime and to live in dignity. Israel – which has been occupying the West Bank and the Golan Heights for decades, and which conducts an inhumane siege on Gaza – has no right to carry out an aggression which could lead to a regional war.
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The Daam Party in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian prisoners, particularly Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna

The Daam Party adds its voice to the call of the Palestinian people and all people of conscience in Israel and the world, who demand an end to the Israeli authorities’ arbitrary policy against Palestinian prisoners, particularly those in mortal danger, prisoners Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna, who have been on hunger strike for over 200 days. We demand their immediate release. Continue reading

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Elections 2013: The protest movement succeeded perhaps, but the people lost out

The pundits and the politicians agree that the protest movement succeeded, resulting in big electoral wins for Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid (“There is a future”) and Naftali Bennett of the rightwing ha-Ba’it ha-Yehudi (“The Jewish Home”). These luminaries are united in their hatred of the Ultraorthodox and the Arabs and in their indifference to the workers. Both are future partners for Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. It’s not at all clear that this is what Dafni Leef had in mind when she pitched her tent on Rothschild Boulevard starting the social protest of Summer 2011, but such is the gloomy outcome. Those who wanted to unite the entire people—left and right, settlers and impoverished middle-class youth—have succeeded in a big way. The protest refrained from calling on Bibi to resign in order not to be stigmatized as political, and so Bibi remains to conduct the choir.
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