Daam Workers Party: Election platform for the 19th Knesset, 2013 (abridged)

As Israel goes to elections for the 19th Knesset in January 2013, two critical issues cry out for attention. The first is the political stalemate which will lead to a third intifada and a terrible confrontation with the Arab world. The second concerns the austerity program and drastic cuts to the national budget which will lead to unemployment, poverty and the collapse of public services.

On one side, the Palestinians refuse to accept the occupation. On the other, a growing swathe of the Israeli population opposes the rampant capitalism that has taken over the country. The popular protests that erupted in the summer of 2011 are evidence that change is possible. The Daam Workers Party was actively involved in the protests, and struggles daily for social change among Jewish and Arab workers.

Daam offers the Israeli public an agenda of revolutionary change around these two issues: an end to the occupation and the creation of a society based on equality and social justice. A solution to the Palestinian question and peace are preconditions for the creation of a just society in which a person’s ethnic background will not prevent her full participation in society.

I. The Palestinian question and the Arab world

1. Daam calls for an end to the occupation, the creation of an independent Palestinian state within the pre-1967 borders, and the dismantling of the settlements.

The Oslo Accords thwarted the possibility of reaching a solution based on two states. A feasible peace agreement must include an end to the occupation, the dismantling of the settlements and the establishment of a Palestinian state within the pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. The economic crisis in the West Bank and the powerlessness of the Palestinian Authority (PA) will, sooner or later, lead to a third popular intifada targeted at the corrupt symbols of the PA. Israel will not be able to ensure political or economic stability without a real solution to the Palestinian question.

2. Daam supports the Arab Spring and the struggles of the Syrian people, and calls for peace with the future Syrian government based on an end to the occupation of the Golan Heights.

The democratic revolutions in the Arab world are key to changing Israel’s relations with its neighbors. The Arab Spring offers a message of democracy and social justice, and constitutes an opportunity for building healthy and equal relations between Israeli society and the Arab world surrounding it. Daam stands with the Syrian people in their struggle against Assad’s regime and adds its voice to the voices of the Syrians who call for an end to the dictatorship.

II. The economy

Daam is a socialist party which sees employment, not profit, as the natural right of every human being and the source of a flourishing economy and society. Daam is active in organizing workers in trade unions and in achieving collective agreements to ensure the full rights and job security of workers.

1. Privatization: Daam calls on the government to nationalize the public services and the industries that are being shut down.

2. Taxation: Daam calls for raising corporate taxes and reducing the taxation of workers.

3. National budget: Daam calls for increasing the national deficit to promote employment, welfare, education, housing and health; for abolishing the “Arrangements Law”; and for reducing the defense budget.

4. Cost of living: Daam calls for reintroducing price control on basic goods, for subsidizing public transport and for implementing the cost-of-living bonus agreement which was cancelled.

5. Employment: Daam is active in unionizing workers and in the struggle for collective agreements to cover all workers in the various branches of the economy, and calls for an end to employment via labor contractors.

6. Migrant labor and asylum seekers: Daam works to stop the employment of migrant laborers under terms limiting their basic freedoms, and supports the granting of asylum for refugees. Daam calls for regulating the employment of migrant laborers, refugees and Palestinians from the occupied territories, by unionizing these workers and employing them in keeping with Israeli labor law. Daam opposes the detention and deportation of migrant laborers and refugees, and the violation of their rights.

III. Gender discrimination

Full equality between the sexes: Daam works for the advancement of women in all fields of life, including politics, economics, culture and society. The advancement of women requires developed social services and the reduction of poverty, which disproportionately affects women. Daam woman activists are a dominant force in the party leadership, and stand at the forefront of the struggle for social and political change.

1. Women at work: The Workers Advice Center (WAC), which is a trade union affiliated with Daam, struggles for equal opportunities for women at work. It demands augmented enforcement of legislation

About Da'am Workers Party

The Da’am Workers Party (DWP) here sets forth a program for revolutionary change in Israeli society, based on the principles of integration, equality, and social justice
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4 Responses to Daam Workers Party: Election platform for the 19th Knesset, 2013 (abridged)

  1. Andres says:

    The big problem in Israel is that it was set up from the oriign as a Jewish state. And the big mistake was to make the very religious get involved from the beginning. The oriignal founders of Israel were fiercely secular who thought that the ultra-religious were an out of date dying breed of Judaism.They were wrong.

  2. Eli says:

    Da’am: if we are to dismantle all the settlements (which I do support), then where goes the Jewish state? In Israel, correct?

    • Luilli says:

      I’m not sure if all this is a tragedy or cmeody:Violent crime continues to plague the streets of Israel as a father, 45, and his son, 24, were shot and stabbed in an Acre criminal feud on Wednesday. Both men were taken to a Nahariya hospital in critical condition. Police have launched a manhunt and set up roadblocks in the search for the assailantsshot and stabbed, and both are still alive? What would Al Capone say? Or Abe Reles, for that matter. Roadblocks? Isn’t Israel a tiny country? How far could they have gone? And: if the Mossad is supposed to be one of the best intelligence agencies in the world, these ‘crime families’ shouldn’t be able to sneeze without the walls saying “Gezhunteit”!

    • Waki says:

      I pray that whoever wins will stop gviing away Israel to appease those who will never be appeased until they drive Israel into the sea. Olmers / Sharon gave away Gaza and look what they got. Netenyahu gave away Hebron and look where it got them. Now they want to give away Jerusalem and the rest of the territories. There soon won\’t be much to give away. The water resources and security will be gone with the West Bank Giveaway. They all think it will be solved wwith a new giveaway program.

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