The Daam Party in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian prisoners, particularly Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna

The Daam Party adds its voice to the call of the Palestinian people and all people of conscience in Israel and the world, who demand an end to the Israeli authorities’ arbitrary policy against Palestinian prisoners, particularly those in mortal danger, prisoners Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna, who have been on hunger strike for over 200 days. We demand their immediate release.

Daam strongly condemns the brutal measures taken against Palestinian prisoners, especially the administrative detainees languishing in jail for protracted periods of time without being told the reason for their arrest and without any indictment brought against them.

At the center of the prisoners’ struggle are 14 prisoners from East Jerusalem and the West Bank who were arrested by Israeli security forces under new military order number 1677. This order was drafted in secret in 2011, during discussions over a prisoner exchange deal – the Shalit deal – involving over one thousand Palestinian prisoners, among them Samer Issawi. The order permits the Israeli security forces to arrest freed prisoners on any pretext however marginal or insignificant, without furnishing any explanation and to return them to jail until they have completed their original sentence. All this without granting them the right to be informed of the accusations against them.

The order reflects a vindictive attitude towards the Palestinians that refuses to make concessions despite the fact that prisoners had been freed to obtain the release of  kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. As a result of the arbitrary use of this order, Samer Issawi finds himself facing 20 more years in prison for contravening the conditions of his release by going to the Al-Ram neighborhood. This is an absurd situation that contravenes the principles of justice.

Genuine concern for the lives of Samer and Ayman raises a bigger question, notably that of Palestinian security prisoners who continue to suffer as long as the Israeli government adheres to a policy of war and occupation and refuses to move towards ending the conflict.

Daam cautions that repressive policies against the prisoners will bring about a clash and calls for the immediate liberation of Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna, respect for prisoners’ rights in accordance with the Geneva Convention, the cessation of the use of administrative detention and the revocation of order 1677.

Oppression and violence will not be able to stop a people determined to gain its natural right to freedom and independence.

About Da'am Workers Party

The Da’am Workers Party (DWP) here sets forth a program for revolutionary change in Israeli society, based on the principles of integration, equality, and social justice
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2 Responses to The Daam Party in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian prisoners, particularly Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna

  1. Sachin says:

    Daled, you write that “Issawi was released — not pndoraed. And one of the conditions of that release was…”From enquiries I personally made immediately after the Shalit Transaction was completed, I learned that not even one of the 1,027 terrorists who were released received a pardon. Instead they were granted “lightening of the sentence” [in Hebrew: "Hakalah b'onesh"]. This meant their convictions remain in force. I was told at the time that conditions applied to those sentence-lightenings and that if the offenders re-offended, they would be subject to re-arrest and forced to complete their original sentences. This is not what we saw in the media reports at the time, where there were colourful stories of the President Peres signing a tall pile of pardon documents. As far as I can tell from asking, that never happened.

  2. Bonez, I fear that your conclusion is corcert. Tehran and its Philistine puppets have doubtless reached this “rational transaction” that is a death sentence on ANY member of the IDF or possibly Israeli citizen, thank you very much Herr Olmert.NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN! NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!The sooner this Abimelech is excised from office, the better. This kind of crap would have led to a coup in countries with armed forces that have a far lesser standard of answering to a Higher Authority for answering to those appointed and “elected” officials that are vested with authority over them.This goy has more reason to raise prayer in intercession for the protection of the IDF and my country’s armed forces as well. The hostage game _WAS_ an old practice of extortion among bandits, now _IS_ blood sport for Phillistines and their allies, so we watch to see if the US bothers to naively pursue negotiations or act decisively. November elections in the US are a lynchpin and I suspect, as was broken yesterday by Jerusalem Post reporter Aaron Klein, Obama’s election could see a rapid move against Tehran, before January.

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