One State for Palestinians and Israelis, From Utopia to an Emerging Reality

A day of discussion organized by Daam Workers Party

Date: Saturday, 21 October, 10:00 – 17:00

Location: Sindyanna of the Galilee Visitors Center, Kfar Kana (Cana) Industrial Area (north of Nazareth)

The agenda – below

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Years have passed since the signing of the Oslo Accords, and a political solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict seems to be getting further and further away. Fifty years of the Occupation of Palestinian territories have created a reality of a single warped state which denies even the most basic rights to the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The two-state solution has finally fallen from the agenda, because the Likud government has come out against a Palestinian state. For its part, the Labour Party – the biggest force of the opposition to the Netanyahu Government, has also abandoned the two-state solution, opting to concentrate on social issues instead. The continuation of a distorted coexistence between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli Occupier is leading to interminable bloodshed and the deepening of the conflict.

The illusion that it is possible to manage the conflict while simultaneously maintaining a democratic and enlightened Israeli society has blown up in the face of those who wanted to believe it. The conflict permeates Israeli society in all its aspects. The list of these is almost endless: The formation of the tight wing terrorist “Hilltop Youth” , Hebron shooter Elor Azaria’s case, the nationality law and the racist incitement against both Arab citizens and asylum seekers. Then there’s intercommunal (Mizrahi/Ashkenazi) hatred, the open warfare on the High Court of Justice, the religionization of the educational system and the incitement against creative artists. All of these are making life in Israel unbearable for those aspiring to live in an open, democratic and liberal society.

The fact that the government and the opposition in Israel are not working to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t going to make millions of Palestinians vanish; the lack of a political solution to the conflict is a time bomb.  The attempt to maintain the current situation in perpetuity is based on a misreading of the global context. Both the Arab and Western worlds are undergoing deep political and economic upheavals.  Trump’s election in the United States and the Brexit victory in the UK are notable examples of the swift and sharp changes that are taking place in the West. The Arab world is in transition from feudal dictatorial and monarchial regimes to modern democracies. It is a complex and difficult transition which passes through revolutionary uprisings of the peoples, brutal repression and bloody civil wars.

What then is the answer to all this?

The solution of one state for the two peoples who live between the River Jordan and the sea becomes relevant precisely because of the nature of the current epoch. First and foremost, it would end the isolation behind walls, promoting a shared life between Arabs and Jews.

The One State Solution for the two peoples is the answer to the failure of efforts to achieve a two-state agreement and the failure of the Arab national project in Syria and Iraq. It is a response to the failure of the neoliberal economic system, and it reflects the technological revolution which brings young people from all over the world to a single culture. The one-state solution is compatible with the revolutionary ideas that emerged in the global protest movement, ideas that were at the basis of the popular revolutions of the Arab Spring which overthrew dictatorships. The old world is disappearing before our eyes, while nationalist and fascist forces are trying to stop the march of history with all their might. These forces include the right wing supporting Trump in America, Putin in Russia, Le Pen in France, Brexit in Britain, and the racist, nationalist government in Israel. Everyone is investing all their power in building walls to stop the forces of change.

But the globalization of knowledge and the new economy know no boundaries; they open a new opportunity to build another world. This is what millions of young people in the United States and the UK, Egypt and Syria want in their struggle to create a new future, a future based on a cooperative economy and globalization for the benefit of the people. That future has no room for Walls, Occupation and the racism of the Israeli Right.

The idea of ​​a one-state solution is revolutionary. It is a utopia that will become a reality in light of the changes that are taking place in the world. In order that it may become reality, we must unite all the democratic forces on both sides of the fence, the opponents of Jewish religious messianism and those who oppose Islamic messianism. This is a protracted process which will inevitably involve thinkers, activists, organizations and movements from Palestine and Israel. The process will begin with exchanges of views, move on to joint activities and go out into the street, eventually culminating in the writing of a clear political program.

The seminar organized by the Daam party in October is an attempt to understand together the possibilities that the future holds, instead of sinking into despair or indifference, playing into the hands of those who wish to perpetuate the present situation. Understanding and knowledge are primary tools for changing reality. Your participation will be in itself a small but important step forward.


10:00 – Registration

10:30 – 11:30 Lecture by Yacov Ben Efrat: “The Vision for the Future and the One-State Solution”

11:30 – 13:00 Discussion

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 16:30 Panel on: the One-State Solution – “From Utopia to Emerging Reality” with Dr. Raif Zreik, Dr. Itamar Mann, Jurist Diana Buttu, Muhammad Al-Hilu, Assaf Adiv.

About the speakers at the seminar

* Yacov Ben Efrat – Secretary General of the Daam Party

* Dr. Raif Zreik – lecturer in political philosophy

* Dr. Itamar Mann – Lecturer in International Law at the University of Haifa

* Diana Buttu, Jurist, a fellow at the Law School at the University of Windsor, Canada

* Muhammad al-Hilu – one of the initiators of “one democratic state”

* Assaf Adiv – a member of the leadership of the Da’am party

Participation NIS 80 (including lunch)

To register call:

The Visitors Center at Kfar Kana – Hanan Zoabi – 050-4009455, 04-6020680

Haifa and the North: Michal Schwartz 050-4330067

The Triangle: Wafa Tiara – 050-4330036

Tel Aviv and the Center: Roni Ben Efrat – 050-4330038

Jerusalem: Erez Wagner – 050-7596492


Translated from the Hebrew by Sol Salbe


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