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Palestinian-Israeli political activist  Asma Aghbarieh-Zahalka achieved fame by being the first Arab woman to head a party’s candidate list to the Knesset. But she really missed her calling as a writer. She writes beautiful Hebrew swapping effortlessly between high brow and slang. Recently she started writing an occasional series about her experiences with her ID card weaving philosophical and political observations into her narrative. Her dead pan black humour tops it all nicely. A pleasure to read which I actually enjoy translating (even while being attached to a drip in a hospital!) Translator:  Sol Salbe‏ 

Invitation to build a sane alternative

When I see that the aggressiveness of the right-wing Israeli government pushes the Palestinians into religious radicalization, that the value of Arab citizens lives is less than that of the Jewish ones, and that they even become a greater danger when they “stream” to the ballot-boxes, that this same...Read More »

On racism violence and public transport

While waiting for the route 25 bus in north Tel Aviv, I pondered whether to pull out an Arabic newspaper. Would it be better to read the Hebrew text in order to reduce the tension, I wondered, so that the elderly lady he lady next to...Read More »

ID Card Chapter 12 (An occasional series.)

Observations on Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)

Feast of the Sacrifice and I do not know who sacrifices more, the slaughterer or the slaughtered. I can tell that those who cannot afford to slaughter, are better off than the one being slaughtered but worse off than...Read More »

What does Moshe Silman have to do with the Occupation?

Moshe Silman inviting truck drivers to join the social protest, July 2012

The late Moshe Silman’s act of self-immolation rattled the entire country. Both the media and social protest activists have put out heartfelt pleas to try to dissuade others...Read More »

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  1. Cort Greene

    Hope the election on Tuesday brings good results for you all and either way I know you will remain in the struggle and will be a bright light for a better world.

    Rojo Rojito


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