The war on Gaza and the collapse of the Arab regimes

democratic opposition in Syria erred in relying on Qatari support, but these attempts are a lesson from which we must all learn.

The rise of ISIS shows there is no alternative to a democratic regime which grants all citizens equal rights without regard for ethnicity or religion. The attempts to take over the revolution using ethnic or religious identities lead unavoidably to civil war. Arab citizens aspire to be modern humans with full rights. They demand a society and state that ensures these rights and equality without discrimination. Saudi Arabia, Sisi and Morsi cannot offer this; they want nothing more than to perpetuate their regimes and suppress the people’s demand for freedom.

The collapse of the Arab regimes and states is a result of the capitalist policies led by the US. Two billion people in poverty around the world have become fertile ground for the growth of extremist religious and ethnic movements. The Arab Spring was born as a response to the poverty and backwardness in which the Arab people live, including in Egypt, Syria and Gaza. It is no surprise that the Arab Spring was ignited by the suicide of Tunisian Mohammed Bouazizi, which symbolized the hardships faced by Arab youths who have lost all hope for a better future. The events in the Arab world are a continuation of what is happening around the globe: poverty knows no borders.

Daam, though a small party, will continue its political activities on the ground, including via its trade union, and through wide publicity of our democratic positions among both Arab and Jewish youth. We had a central and pioneering role in making the anti-war voice heard and we will continue to raise our voice against the occupation. We will continue to seek democratic allies both within Israeli society and within Palestinian society and the Arab world, in order to build a common future on the basis of full equality and the end of occupation.

The deadlock which has stalled the Arab Spring will be broken, and the democratic Arab forces will return to the stage after Sisi’s failure is exposed, and after it becomes clear that both Fatah and Hamas are unable to lead the Palestinian people to peace and freedom. The democratic alternative is the answer to the extreme right in Israel, and guarantee of our ability to enlist world opinion to the Palestinian cause. It is also guarantee of our ability to bring wide swathes of the Israeli public, which seeks a democratic partner, to support this cause, in order to vanquish the Israeli right which threatens Israeli society too.

Translated by Yonatan Preminger



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Daam proposes an Israeli/Palestinian Green New Deal, both as a response to the current political-economic crisis and to create a basis for true cooperation between the two peoples. It is a plan that can end the conflict, abolishing the apartheid regime that Israel has imposed since 1967. It can replace the Occupation with a partnership based on civil justice, which will grant full civil rights to Palestinians equally with Israelis in the framework of a single state.