Invitation to build a sane alternative

When I see that the aggressiveness of the right-wing Israeli government pushes the Palestinians into religious radicalization, that the value of Arab citizens lives is less than that of the Jewish ones, and that they even become a greater danger when they “stream” to the ballot-boxes, that this same government sows fear and terror in the bellies of Israeli children and grownups, whose cul-de-sac is getting darker by the day, and when I hear the defense minister promising the Palestinians to live under oppression and occupation forever and ever, under the shadow of the settlers terror, when Arabs are burned in their homes at night and their murderers are not found, when the opposition suggests a rough treatment against the Palestinians – I understand that there is no leadership in Israel.
When I see the ongoing security coordination with the occupation for the meagre pennies collected by the corrupt Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, and that Hamas is hiding behind the youngsters pushing them to the fence and sacrificing them to cover up for their security coordination with Israel – I understand that there is no leadership in Palestine.
When I see the irresponsible behavior of the Arab leadership and parties in Israel dealing with the grave situation, and their surrender to the ISIS program of the caliphate in Jerusalem, and their support for the Arab dictators Assad and Sisi, and for the gulf princes headed by Qatar – I understand that there is no leadership to the Arabs in Israel.
The struggle against the occupation policy, the racism and the poverty, is my way, and Arabs and Jews are my partners, and at the end of the tunnel I see liberty, democracy and social justice to the people and the individual – Palestinian and Israeli. This is an invitation to build a sane alternative that will represent society, stop the blood bath, and will lead us to the haven of rest that we all deserve.


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